The Different Methods of Checking For Air and Water Leaks

The Different Methods of Checking For Air and Water Leaks

Air and water leaks are issues that every homeowner wants to avoid at all costs. For the latter, it’s because it can encourage mold growth in your home while the former can make your home uncomfortable and even cause your energy bills to spike. Unfortunately, air and water leaks aren’t something that can be spotted so easily. Thankfully, there are a few ways around this.

In this post, StateWide Energy Solutions, a leading provider of energy efficient windows, discuss the different ways you can check for air and water leaks.

Inspecting Your Doors

When inspecting your doors, there are three steps to check for air and water leaks. The first is to check for cracks, which can weaken its ability to stop air and water leaks. Afterwards, you can also inspect the weather stripping for any peels and gaps. Check the hinges as well to ensure if they’re still tight and fit securely in the thresholds. If you see any issues with your door, call a professional to repair or replace it immediately.


Windows, on the other hand, also have three steps when it comes to checking for air and water leaks. During your inspection, give it a little shake first. If they rattle, it means the frames aren’t secure which allows heat and cold air to leak out and water to leak in. The second is inspecting the entirety of the window for gaps; if you can see from the outside around the window, it means there are gaps that have to be sealed with caulking and weather stripping. Inspect the window panes for cracks as well, which can be caused by rot in the frames. If your window has rot, it may be possible that you’ll need a window replacement as soon as possible.

Home Air Pressure Test

Alternatively, you can also opt for doing the home air pressure test around your home. To do this, you have to seal the house by locking your doors, windows and skylights and closing the dampers and vents. Afterwards, turn all your kitchen and bath exhaust fans on and pass a burning incense stick along the openings. If air is rushing in from the outside in any of these openings, it means you have an air leak.

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