Reasons Why Some Windows Fail Prematurely

Reasons Why Some Windows Fail Prematurely

When you get expensive windows, it’s reasonable to expect that they can stand the test of time. Custom windows, for example, are produced depending on your home needs and preferences. Therefore, these windows are supposed to withstand the harsh effects of nature.

But there are also times when your windows fail to meet your expectations and sometimes it happens before the end of their expected life span. Statewide Energy Solutions discusses some of the most common reasons why your windows suffer from premature deterioration.

       1. Improper Installation

Installing windows requires a certain set of skills. If you think you can do it, you should keep in mind that substandard installation may cause faulty mechanisms and improper placing of window hardware.

       2. A Hard Beating From Elements

Your home exterior receives a lot of punishment from nature on a daily basis. Windows can deteriorate quickly when they are always exposed to extreme conditions such as violent storms and strong winds. Combined with the damages it acquires from improper use, and you will soon need a window replacement service.

       3. Poor and Inadequate Maintenance 

The most common mistake during maintenance is the use of harsh chemicals. Cleaning your glass panels is also not enough to increase the longevity of your windows. Dirt and debris are also accumulating at the edges of the frames and sashes. Even the handles and cranks can get grimy or oily over time, which can lead to faulty operation.

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